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12th of July 2022

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The Game Collection Vol.2 is a virtual exhibition of video games created for the 23rd International Exhibition of Triennale Milano by five of the world’s most renowned independent game designers, showcasing these artists’ experimental approach to interactivity. The five featured artists are: Optillusion (Moncage), Fern Goldfarb-Ramallo (Panoramical), Nina Freeman (Cibele), Akwasi Bediako Afrane (TRONS), and Llaura McGee / Dreamfeel (If Found…). Every two weeks for three months a new game will be available in the collection. These games are self-contained takes on interactive narrative, puzzles, and exploration.


Over the past two decades, more innovative games have been designed than in the previous thirty years of this medium – video games are now more than entertainment for kids or for video game enthusiasts, they reach the accessibility and cultural depth of film, music, and literature. After the success (over 180,000 downloads) of the Game Collection Vol.1 in 2016 for the 21st International Exhibition, these Collection presents the state of the art of the medium with a glimpse into the future, presenting the work of the most important and original international designers.


  • [Game 1] WADE by Optillusion (China / USA) is a stroll along the shore of a wide river that flows into the underworld. As the player ventures deeper, the scenery starts to shift and they may encounter oddities or curiosities.
  • [Coming July 29th] We Are Poems by Fern Goldfarb-Ramallo (Argentina) is a swim through the queerest region of deep space. Its inhabitants float and gravitate in bountiful joyous explosions of light, embracing the void as a place to thrive.
  • [Coming August 26th] Nonno's Legend by Nina Freeman (USA) is a game about imagining places you’ve never seen. Nina's grandfather shows her that a globe has some magical properties – you can reshape the planet!
  • [Coming September 16th] MINE by Akwasi Bediako Afrane (Ghana) is a first-person game that ushers the audience into an “open-mine” and deals with the unknown relationship between raw materials and the virtual spaces that we inhabit.
  • [Coming September 30th] Contact by Llaura McGee / Dreamfeel (Ireland) is a game about the search for life in the universe and identity in oneself. Players interact with onscreen interfaces to decode and understand the signals received from outer space.


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Selected Articles

  • "If you know anything about indie gaming, this list should be enough to make you more than interested in this game's collection."
    - Clement Renaudin, Pocket Gamer

Triennale Milano
The collection is part of the 23rd International Exhibition triennale.org.

About Santa Ragione

Santa Ragione is an Italian game design studio founded by Pietro Righi Riva and Nicolò Tedeschi in 2010, creators of FOTONICA, MirrorMoon EP, Wheels of Aurelia, and Saturnalia. Santa Ragione’s games focus on achieving a visceral response from the player, whether through the desolate landscapes of MirrorMoon EP, the uncompromising, vertigo-inducing speeds of FOTONICA, or the controversial politics in Wheels of Aurelia. The studio has a unique, experimental approach to accessibility that encourages exploration and personal interpretation, to achieve depth. Santa Ragione's ambitions are to influence game design through new genres and to continue the tradition of Italian design.

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Game Collection Vol. 2 Credits

Pietro Righi Riva
Curation and Design

Triennale Milano, Santa Ragione

Alberto Putignano
Visual Design

Stefano Sanitate

Riccardo Reina

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