Santa Ragione
Based in Milan, Italy

Release date:
19th of October 2017

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Embark on an immersive road trip through the gritty western coast of Italy during the roaring 1970’s. Playing as Lella, a bold, spunky woman, experience the sights and sounds of a tumultuous time in Italy’s history while uncovering events from Lella’s storied past. Take the road less traveled, while meeting an unpredictable cast of characters along your journey and making detours along the way. An interactive visual novel based on short moments in time during Lella’s travels, each playthrough ends with one of sixteen different endings based on your choices. Travel across the famous “Via Aurelia” and discover a new side of Italy in a thought-provoking game about the road trip, not the destination.


Wheels of Aurelia is rooted in culturally and historically researched events of the 1970’s, striving to challenge the stereotypical perception of idyllic Italy. The game showcases a time in Italy’s history never before explored in a videogame, but one that the developers deeply felt the ramifications of in their childhood and as they grew up. They created the game to learn more about this time period in Italy that their parents lived through, reflect on their current world, and uncover how things have changed or stayed the same. They hope it encourages player introspection and reflection on both past and current events on a global scale.


  • Uncover Lella’s fierce personality and mysterious past while choosing each line of her dialogue in the game
  • A compact game experience with sixteen different endings, each with its own epilogue
  • Simple and highly intuitive one-handed controls
  • All original Italian soundtrack provides emotional ambience to accompany the game’s narrative
  • Original art by renowned illustrators, handcrafted to bring Italy to life in new and unexpected ways
  • Rooted in researched and culturally accurate events during the 1970’s including kidnappings and extreme political turmoil
  • Wheelspedia: in-game easy access wiki that explains cultural and political references for those seeking additional information
  • Independent Games Festival Honorable Mention, IndieCade Nominee, Fantastic Arcade Game Spotlight
  • From the creators of FOTONICA, official selection for best of App Store 2014


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download all screenshots & photos as .zip (3MB)


Awards & Recognition

  • " Independet Game Festival " Nuovo Award Honorable Mention 2017
  • " IndieCade Festival " Official Nominee 2016
  • " AMaze Awards " Most Amazing Game - Grand Prize Finalist 2016
  • " Emotional Games Awards " Best Emotional Indie Game Nominee 2016
  • " Fantastic Arcade " Spotlight Premiere 2015
  • " Drago d'Oro " Best Italian Game - Best Art Direction Nominee 2016
  • " BIG Festival " Best Narrative Game Nominee 2016

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    Full game soundtrack, including four songs written, composed, and performed for the game in the style of Italian 70s music. santaragione.bandcamp.com.

    About Santa Ragione

    Santa Ragione is an Italian game design studio founded by Pietro Righi Riva and Nicolò Tedeschi in 2010, creators of FOTONICA, MirrorMoon EP, Wheels of Aurelia, and Saturnalia. Santa Ragione’s games focus on achieving a visceral response from the player, whether through the desolate landscapes of MirrorMoon EP, the uncompromising, vertigo-inducing speeds of FOTONICA, or the controversial politics in Wheels of Aurelia. The studio has a unique, experimental approach to accessibility that encourages exploration and personal interpretation, to achieve depth. Santa Ragione's ambitions are to influence game design through new genres and to continue the tradition of Italian design.

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    Wheels of Aurelia Credits

    Nicolò Tedeschi and Pietro Righi Riva
    Original Concept

    Pietro Righi Riva
    Director, Producer, Programmer

    Nicolò Tedeschi
    Art Director

    We Are Müesli, Claudia Molinari, Matteo Pozzi
    Story and Dialogue

    Anna Kipnis
    Dialogue System Design and Implementation

    Chris Remo
    Dialogue Editing

    Flaminia Grimaldi
    Environment Art

    Paolo Tajé
    Release Manager and Extra Gameplay Programming

    Ernest Nemirovskiy
    Extra 3D Art

    Luca Francesco Rossi
    Extra 2D Art

    Patrick Leger
    Character Portraits

    Matteo Berton
    Wheels of Aurelia Logo and Posters

    Paolo Tajé, Il Sumero, Mario Porpora

    Gipsy Studio, Gianluca Bianco, Cristiano Tommasini, Giordano Sartoretti
    "Wheels of Aurelia" Opening Theme

    Stefano Righi Riva, Marco Adamoli, Nicolò Sonato, Guido Zoppi
    Opening Theme Lyrics

    Guido Zoppi
    Extra Lyrics

    Nicolò Sala
    Music on the radio by

    Michael Manning
    Sound Effects

    presskit() by Rami Ismail (Vlambeer) - also thanks to these fine folks